Increase in Need and Food

Here at Llandrindod since the 1st March this year we have seen an enormous increase in the call on the Foodbank.  It has gone up over 200% on last year.  However the amount of food coming in has matched the need and more!!  Our local supporters have not stopped giving and we are also receiving […]

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How we are operating now

  What do you want to do ? New mailCopy Hi everyone, I hope that you are all keeping well and sane in these extraordinary times. At Foodbank we are not receiving any members of the public to the door at the moment. All referrals are being made online direct from referral agencies to the […]

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Foodbank Centres during Covid-19

What do you want to do ? New mailCopy Who would have thought 3 weeks ago that we would be in the situation we find ourselves now. The speed at which things are changing makes my head spin!! Quick update on how Foodbank will be working for a while: 1 From Tuesday we will not […]

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